Redefined Sports Fan

Secure blockchain technology for collectible NFT Ticketing and digital assets for sporting event organizers, clubs and brands.

New revenue opportunities

Attract event sponsors and build strategic synergies with brands, artists, government and local communities to release exclusive collectible assets.

New ways to engage and expand your fanbase!

Tokenize physical and digital rewards, memorable moments and other unique digital assets of historical or emotional interest for athletes, fans and collectors.

Blockchain for ticketing

Bring a secure tamper-proof collectible ticketing experience to your audience!

NFT Ticketing
with Blockchain Technology.

We have built a secure and tamper-proof collectible ticketing experience you can integrate with your current physical ticketing platform. Take control of tickets resale, prevent fake tickets and monitor scaplers.

Additional revenues

Programmable NFT tickets allows earning shared royalties based on transactions. Forever.

Before the event

Tickets are issued by event organizers and sports clubs. They can be easily transferred or resold securely and transparently.

During the event

Tickets are securely validated and redeemed using the same dynamic tokens technology used for online banking.

After the event

Tickets become a Collectible NFT that can be, again, resold, auctioned or transferred by ticket holders.

A collectible experience
for your Fans

NFTs have attributes that make them unique items of value treasured by Fans and Collectors. Create unique assets such as medals, trophies, BIBs and event tickets that can be easily trasferred, sold or auctioned prior or after your events and build a collectors marketplace for your brand.

  • NFT Medals and digital rewards for event finishers
  • Interconnected digital and physical trophies
  • Collectible event tickets
  • Redeemable memorabilia with unlockable content

Memorabilia and
Fan engagement.

Create custom collectable digital items for your audience. Partner with brands, associations as local communities to create unique collections for Fans and sports collectors.

Redeemable memorabilia

Physical memorabilia NFTs are burned once redeemed.

Involve Fans as content creators

Invite Fans to tokenize and trade unique moments captured by them while attending your events.

NFTs are disrupting the Sports Industry.

With billions of dollars in transactions related to sports and collectibles. Every sports brand and organizations will have some presence in the space within the next year. Join now the unique opportunity of being a first mover.

USD 2.5B

Market size surged during H12021


+ 1,785%

Market cap growth during 2021.

Source: FORBES

USD 200M

Weekly trade volume on NFTs


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